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Attention, the taxman must not be an enemy!

In my professional experience I have met and regularly meet entrepreneurs who are literally afraid of taxes, especially if we are talking about companies that reside in Italy or in some European countries.

But it doesn't have to be like this, the taxman is the enemy if you don't behave respecting the rules, but if you study your situation and optimize it respecting legality, you have absolutely nothing to fear.

There are precise procedures and rules to follow to avoid running into any type of problem. Not only with regards to Italian taxation but that of any other country in the world. If you know a rule, you find the solutions without having any problems.

First rule, collecting money illegally is not the solution

An entrepreneur who tries to make money by not issuing invoices and cheating the tax authorities is a person who is trying in every way to have a higher profit margin. Often this margin is not sought in order to live a worldly or luxurious life, but more simply so as not to be forced to close one's business.

If you also think that you have no alternatives and are looking for various ways to evade taxes, you are faced with a problem.

Going black is not the right solution, it's an apparent breath of fresh air while you're drowning and can create greater difficulties for you which then lead to criminal charges.

The bleeding of liquidity must be treated at the source, it cannot be stopped with conceptually unethical systems.

Furthermore, if you were to be discovered, the sanctions would be grueling and would give you the final blow.

The black earnings, over time and especially if they are large, are transformed into unusable or usable money in a very marginal way. You cannot pay them into your current account, you cannot buy a house, car or simply use them for investments.

It is truly inconceivable that an entrepreneur struggles to spend the money he earns hard by working or that he has to be careful about how he spends it.

For this reason, you can turn to a professional tax and corporate consultant so that he can study your situation, both corporate and personal, and can best advise you on the structure to apply in a way legal to your company, as well as the country to choose to avoid incurring too high taxes. The role of the entrepreneur is to generate the correct margins for the survival of the business and the role of the consultant is to prevent the company from suffering an excessive waste of money given its structure and its market positioning.

The solution that will be found together will allow the best economic efficiency for the company and all its stakeholders.


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