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Business risk management


When buying and selling companies, mergers or successions, we take care to support the client step-by-step in correct business risk assessment, in order to understand the direction to be taken or followed in the course of necessary investments.

We identify possible risks and provide management mechanisms that are able to cope with unforeseen events.

We provide our clients with advisory services for the identification, quantification and integrated management of pure, strategic, operational and financial risks, supporting many companies and entities, both national and international, in this activity.
Our aim is to identify solutions that not only provide for risk management, but also allow risk financing in the most effective way.

Single-family houses

Lugano Bre

Primula Residence

Modern architecture, formal simplicity, charm and living comfort, surrounded by greenery, a stone's throw from the suggestive nucleus of Brè village and the city centre.
Prices from Chf 845.000.-

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The town of Brè at an altitude of 800 m has been a district of the City of Lugano since 1972.

The project involves the construction of three single-family homes located in an open, green and sunny area a stone's throw from all services.

  • The arrangement of the houses with orientation mainly towards West and East allows for excellent sunshine throughout the day and throughout the year.

  • The houses, with plastered facades, have independent entrances with a double garage and 2 further parking spaces in the square, independent heating with an air-water heat pump, an undemanding flat garden.

  • The internal distribution of the rooms is simple but functional, the rooms are very bright, all the services have a window, the technical room inserted on the ground floor is separate from the house, giving the possibility to fully exploit the spaces in the cellar, which includes a laundry , 2 separate cellars and a spacious one available for own activities or leisure.

  • The most characterizing interior finishes are chosen by the buyer.

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