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Business risk management


When buying and selling companies, mergers or successions, we take care to support the client step-by-step in correct business risk assessment, in order to understand the direction to be taken or followed in the course of necessary investments.

We identify possible risks and provide management mechanisms that are able to cope with unforeseen events.

We provide our clients with advisory services for the identification, quantification and integrated management of pure, strategic, operational and financial risks, supporting many companies and entities, both national and international, in this activity.
Our aim is to identify solutions that not only provide for risk management, but also allow risk financing in the most effective way.


Corporate Governance


We assist companies that are not directly managed by us, but which need external support in administration and consultancy.
Clients who want to concentrate their resources in the development of their business decide to outsource the administrative governance of their companies.

We relieve clients from daily bureaucratic tasks by managing, for example, personnel, invoicing, accounting, tax issues and litigation. In addition, we advise on corporate contracts (memorandum & articles of association, shareholders’ agreements) and client/supplier contracts.

In doing so, the client can focus 100% on their core business in order to develop their activity in the best way possible, keeping the administrative sector within their company structure.

Superv Soci
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