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Estate Planning


We saccompany our clients in estate planning decisions regarding both personal and corporate assets.
The objective of estate planning is to transfer our clients’ estates to the next generation, according to their wishes, in the most efficient way possible through the creation and management of Trusts or Foundations as well as Trustee Ownership.


During the course of estate planning, the following questions will be addressed:

  • What can you do now in view of a possible inability to discern?

  • How do you best protect your loved ones?

  • What possibilities do you have to transfer your assets according to your wishes?

  • What do you have to consider in case of donation or advance payment of the inheritance?

  • How will you transfer your assets from a tax optimisation perspective?

  • What about your second and third pillar assets?


Legal succession does not always reflect the individual's demands. In order for our clients to be able to pass on their assets as desired, careful inheritance regulation is therefore necessary.

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